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Different flavonoids are beneficial to different organs of the human body, but the human body cannot synthesize by itself, so we need to supplement it from outside. Flavonoids metabolize rapidly in the human body and are mostly used as the basic ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine, which can promote the efficacy of the medicine.

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Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

Dihydromyricetin (DHM), the main component of vine tea flavone, has the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammation, clearing heat and detoxification, analgesia and detumescence, lowering lipid and blood pressure, moistening throat, relieving cough, improving human immunity, etc.

Nature Clear's Mitochondrial Biogenesis Technology

The catalyst created by our patent pending Mitochondrial Biogenesis Technology (MBT) increases bioavailability at levels of up to 100x more than DHM alone. Effectively, improving metabolism of sugars like ethanol and glucose (ATP) while reducing oxidation levels (ROS) through the elimination of harmful toxins like acetaldehyde. A person’s liver performs best when sugars are quickly metabolized and oxidative stress is reduced. Essentially, damaged cells are rapidly replaced by healthy cells.

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Mitochondrial Biogenesis Technology (MBT) for the Liver*

Medical research on Vine Tea (DHM) provide a foundational basis on the claim that it may help protect the liver from the damaging effects of circulating free radicals and alcohol. It was noted in one study that supplementation has significantly improved hepatic lipid peroxidation. This effect is important in preventing liver damage brought about by long-term alcohol intake. Some studies have also shown that the compound has significantly lessened triglyceride deposition and decreased inflammatory cytokines. All these factors are contributory to liver damage. While liver damage is generally irreversible, a remarkable study has revealed that Vine Tea (DHM) may slightly help the liver recover from pathologic injury brought about by toxins and chemicals from alcohol. It may not, however, completely alter extensive liver damage due to long-term intoxication.

Mitochondrial Biogenesis Technology (MBT) for Stress and Anxiety*

Research by USC on Vine Tea (DHM) have shown its effectiveness at influencing the production of certain neurotransmitters, particularly GABA. Based on this research, Vine Tea (DHM) was the cause of the increase in GABA, thereby promoting relaxation and alleviating effects of anxiety. In another study, it was likewise suggested that the effect of Vine Tea (DHM) reduced anxiety which may be associated with their ATP-enhancing benefits, which means that it may increase energy levels in cells and reduce anxious behavior.

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Mitochondrial Biogenesis Technology (MBT) For Cardiovascular System*

Another remarkable study on Vine Tea (DHM) have shown potential effects in protecting heart cells from damaging factors such as free radicals. It was also established that those ingredients may promote effective electrical conductivity in the heart, thereby preventing cardiac rhythm issues including arrhythmias. Additionally, they are also believed to help reduce cardiac cell apoptosis after the onset of myocardial infarction.

Other Possible Health Benefits of Mitochondrial Biogenesis Technology (MBT)*

Medical experts have observed that patients who have taken Vine Tea (DHM) have significantly reduced blood sugar and plasma insulin levels. This can be beneficial as it may suggest a potential Diabetes Mellitus management option. It was also found in studies that the ingredients may improve insulin sensitivity and increase glucose uptake. Experts also say that Vine Tea (DHM) possesses antimicrobial and antioxidative properties.

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